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Plant and Technology

In our quest to improve production and to best serve our customers, we strive to remain on the cutting edge of technology and to continuously increase efficiency in production. Our 70 000 sq. ft plant holds modern and powerful industrial equipment and our management system is comprised of the latest technology.


  • 70 000 sq. ft
  • Thermal Heating : Bottle Washer/Dryer for washing and sterilization of bottles
  • Two electronic machines for inspection of washed bottles (calculator of bottle rejects, etc.)
  • Press for the recycling of cardboard boxes (shipped to recycling company afterwards) and recycling of aluminum cans
  • Bottle conveyors
  • 10 unloading docks
  • Pallet strapping machines
  • Banding machines for high-performance packaging of pallets (bottles and pallets are wrapped with high-resistance plastic wrap


  • 2015: Implementation of Sage ERP X3 integrated management system (by TangerineSoftware) which facilitates the availability of real-time information, improves resource planning and provides for more efficient and rapid order management whilst reducing paper consumption by at least 40%.
  • 2015: Integration of Atlas (a time and attendance integrated software) as well as Titan (payroll software) by Logiciels Saturne
  • Upcoming: Implementation of MRP, a software which establishes adequate safety stock levels when demand and lead time vary simultaneously.