Bottle Design

Have an idea in mind? United Bottles & Packaging can guide you through the whole process…from the concept right through to the realization. Whether you are looking for a traditional, classic bottle or one that is bold and daring, we can help you create the mould that will grant you your dream bottle. We can make suggestions on the form, the volume and the color of your custom-made packaging.

The creation of customized glass bottles allows for emphasis on your brand in a striking and attractive manner whilst drawing in your consumers and setting your product apart from the competition.

A glance at United Bottles & Packaging

Sample is provided before production launch

Minimum order: approximately 40 000 X 750 mL bottles

Bottles fabricated in North America and Europe

A question? We have the answer!

If we have any questions, can we easily reach you?
You can email us at You can also contact one of our Sales’ representatives or Customer Service at 1 877 762-1867.
Can you customize bottles, caps and boxes?
Yes, we work in collaboration with partners specialized in screen printing. Contact us and tell us what your needs are.
Is it possible to get a sample?
Yes, a sample would be provided to you before production.
We are looking for a bottle that would be used for a special event. Can you help us?
Yes, contact us for a consultation and we can suggest a bottle that will stand out from the rest. You can also browse our online catalogue and see all our models.
Can we get a bottle custom-made?
Yes, certain conditions are applied. Please contact us for more details.