Bottle Washing

As part of its environmental commitment, United Bottles & Packaging offers a glass bottle washing service unique to North America. The glass bottles represent durable containers that can be reused several times. We provide industrial washing (self-adhesive label removal included) for most types of empty bottles, regardless of source.

We wash and recycle large numbers of bottles every day, of various forms and sizes, which are subsequently found to be compliant and ready for use.

A glance at United Bottles & Packaging

Bottle washing: 20 years of experience

Rigorous quality control

Equipement: Modern and high-performance

A question? We have the answer!

If I have any questions, can I easily reach you?
You can email us at You can also contact one of our Sales’ representatives or Customer Service at 1 877 762-1867.
Do you only sell recycled bottles?
No. We do wash certain types of bottles but we also sell new bottles.
Are the bottles ready for use?
Our modern and high-performance equipment allows for accurate and precise process monitoring as well as automatic sorting of bottles for removal of self-adhesive labels. As a result, our bottles are fully compliant and ready for use.
Do you accept all types of bottles?
We wash most types of empty bottles, regardless of source.