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Packing and Delivery

All our bottles go through careful inspections, first by the glassmaker and then by our staff, before they are shipped to you. The packing of bottles is carried out by qualified and trained personnel who must follow a detailed procedure established in accordance with the client’s criteria. The bottles in bulk are lined up perfectly on pallets to prevent any breakage during transportation as well as the de-palletizing process. The bottles to be packed are each placed between separators in their respective boxes. In both cases, everything is carefully packed with high-resistance plastic film. They are all wrapped in an extremely secure manner for protection of the bottles from the rest of the surroundings during transportation and storage and to avoid displacement of bottles.

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Upon request: Customized boxes

In bulk and packed in boxes

A question? We have the answer!

Can you send us bottles in bulk, without the boxes?
Yes, we most certain can.
Can you pack our bottles in boxes?
Yes, according to our standards.
What is the time of delivery?
It varies, according to the client and the type of product being shipped. On average, you can expect a time-frame of about 1 to 3 weeks for reception of your order.
Can we call a transporter?
Yes, once Customer Service has confirmed a pick-up date for you. In the case that we must carry out the delivery, we are responsible for calling the carrier for you.
Are all of your orders shipped from Montreal?
No, deliveries can be made from our Warehouses in the United States and Canada as well as our Transit Centers globally.