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Monks Meadery

Proud to be the first meadery in the state of Georgia, the founder had but one objective in mind: to make the best and most tasty mead in the world! They discovered United Bottles & Packaging thanks to a brewery who was already a client.

Expectations and Challenges: Customized Solutions!

Monks Meadery hoped for simple and efficient service, a good price-quality ratio, timely…and a unique bottle! United Bottles & Packaging made a suggestion that immediately appealed to the client: the brown Cider 500 ml bottle (BN020), combined with the 26 mm crown cap.

Great communication!

«Great communication throughout the entire process!  I even received a call a couple days after the bottles were delivered from Mathieu who was double checking on everything to make sure it was to my satisfaction.»

Justin Schoendorf, Founder of Monks Meadery

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