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Located in Argenteuil, Sarah Cole Cidery offers gluten-free European-style ciders with or without alcohol. The beverages are made with fresh apples of different varieties which are carrefully selected and pressed slowly to capture all the exquisite aromas.

Expectations and Challenges: Customized Solutions!

Buying equipment when you are a start-up company can be a big investment. The chosen bottles were ideal for the expectations of Sarah Cole, a young and fast-growing company and were within the confines of their budget: the amber-coloured, 500 ml Normandy - #BN056, with a 26 mm crown finish for the Whip cider; the amber-coloured, 330 ml LN - #BN031, with a 26 mm crown finish for the Mountie cider; and the transparent, 330 ml LN - #BN026, with a 26 mm crown finish for the Jockey cider.

An exceptional support

«We have always had great support from United Bottles & Packaging. Their advice has always been sensible and the bottles suggested were perfectly suitable for cider.»

Nathalie Laurin, Founder of Sarah Cole

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