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Breweries and Microbreweries

The beer bottles are specially designed to contain and protect highly carbonated liquid sensitive to light. The geometry, the shape and the thickness are all key factors affecting the durability of the product. United Bottles & Packaging is known for its quick turn-around time in getting your supplies to you, its distinctive beer bottles of different sizes and colours and what is more, its know-how in finding the right bottle with the right design for the right product. Glass bottles can be recycled and even washed in many cases, whilst providing excellent resistance to breakage; making for worry-free transportation to special events such as festivals, meetings with clients, etc.

Founded in Illinois in the year 2014, Generations Brewing Company offers craft beers of the ale and lager types. The company presents an inviting, uncomplicated yet modern image.

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Proud to be the first meadery in the state of Georgia, the founder had but one objective in mind: to make the best and most tasty mead in the world! They discovered United Bottles & Packaging thanks to a brewery who was already a client.

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