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April 27, 2017

We're wearing jeans on National Denim Day!


United Bottles & Packaging is committed in fighting breast cancer. Once again, we will be participating in National Denim Day, a campaign organised by the Cure Foundation, designed to raise awareness and to find a cure for breast cancer.  We all know someone: a daughter, a mother, a sister, an aunt, or a friend who has suffered from breast cancer. Even men can suffer from breast cancer.  We are all affected by it some way or another. And we want it to end just as much as you do. So, we hold this cause dear to our hearts and we plan to wear our jeans on May 16th to raise more awareness and to support our survivors or to remember our fighters . Last year, we raised over $2,000.00 which we proudly donated to the Cure Foundation. We feel confident that we will be as successful in our fundraising and support again this year.


The National Denim Day takes place on Tuesday May 16th and all employees will be participating.

Please support us and cheer us on or share with others who might also like to participate. You can also donate to the cause at: www.curefoundation.com

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Feel free to view last year’s photos on our Facebook album.

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