Stubby twist 12.0fl.oz / 355ml

StubbyAmber26mm Crown Twist-off BN089

This 355ml stubby style glass bottle offers a classic and modern look that will showcase your product. Made from high quality glass, this bottle is pressure rated and suitable for carbonated products. Amber glass provides UV filtering properties, perfect for protecting light-sensitive beverages.

Product details


12.0fl.oz / 355ml



Closure type

26mm Crown Twist-off


6.3oz / 180g


6.5in / 164.7mm


2.6in / 65.2mm


16 bar



Minimum order

1 pallet(s)

Pallet configuration

In bulk : 4270 bottles
In boxes : 110 x 24 bottles (2640)


fast from stock

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Use our calculator to estimate the quantity of bottles needed for your production.

*Please note that we do not offer a half-pallet. (minimum: 1 pallet(s))
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