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Do you have any questions in regards to our bottle distribution and design, our recycled bottle washing or shipping? Take at look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and you will most certainly find the answers!

If I have any questions, how can I easily reach you?

You can email us at [email protected]. You can also contact one of our Sales’ representatives at 1 877 762-1867.

Do you only sell recycled bottles?

No. We do sanitize certain types of bottles but we also sell new bottles.

Are the bottles ready for use?

Our modern and high-performance equipment allows for accurate and precise process monitoring as well as an automatic sorting of bottles for removal of self-adhesive labels. As a result, our bottles are compliant to the highest health standards and ready for use.

Do you accept all types of bottles?

We wash most types of empty bottles, regardless of source.

Can you send us bottles in bulk, without the boxes?

Yes, we most certain can.

Can you pack our bottles in boxes?

Yes, according to our standards.

What is the time of delivery?

It varies, according to the client and the type of product being shipped. On average, you can expect a time-frame of about 1 to 3 weeks for reception of your order.

Can we call a transporter?

Yes, once Customer Service has confirmed a pick-up date for you. In the case that we must carry out the delivery, we are responsible for calling the carrier for you.

Are all of your orders shipped from Montreal?

No, deliveries can be made from our Warehouses in the United States and Canada as well as our Transit Centers globally.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we certainly can. We can deliver everywhere in the world.

What is the mode of shipment?

Pick-up is arranged primarily by the client. In certain cases, we can take charge of delivery. Contact us for more information.

Can you customize bottles, caps and boxes?

Yes, we work in collaboration with partners specialized in screen printing. Contact us and tell us what your needs are.

Is it possible to get a sample?

Yes, a sample would be provided to you before production.

We are looking for a bottle that would be used for a special event. Can you help us?

Yes, contact us for a consultation and we can suggest a bottle that will stand out from the rest. You can also browse our online catalogue and see all our models.

Can we get a bottle custom-made?

Yes, certain conditions apply. Please contact us for more details.

Are the caps and closures included with the bottles?

No, the caps and closures are sold separately.

Do you sell plastic bottles?

No, our bottles are all made of high-quality glass.

What is the minimum quantity required to place an order?

One pallet minimum. Bulk or cases quantity per pallet depend on the product, please read carefully the product page.

Can we buy in large quantities?

Yes, absolutely, with purchasing forecasts.

Are you a manufacturer?

No. United Bottles & Packaging specializes in the importation and distribution of high-quality glass bottles for a variety of industries that produce beer, wine, spirits, cider, oil, vinegar, maple syrup, honey and water.